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Brothers Georges Daou and Daniel Daou set forth across California to find an unrivaled terroir for producing Cabernet Sauvignon, a quest that led them to a place of foretold greatness: DAOU Mountain in the Adelaida District of Paso Robles. Here, their vision is to make California “first growth” wine, fulfilling the district’s destiny as the world’s next benchmark for Bordeaux varieties.

DAOU is ultimately built upon unbreakable family bonds from brother to brother, generation to generation, Old World to New World. These bonds now extend to those who lend their hands to this land, and who partake in what it produces.


Georges Daou

"At my core I’m a dreamer. I believe that we can change the world of wine."

Georges is a creative visionary and a man of many interests. He holds a degree in engineering and maintains a passion for polo. Yet it was only on DAOU Mountain that Georges discovered his true destiny. Here, he became the shepherd of a dream—that the mountain would one day produce wines of immeasurable purity, and that these wines would provide a far-reaching touchstone of pleasure for generations to come. “The raw jewels of this mountain have been here for thousands of years—the physics of the slopes, the chemistry of the soil, the wild beauty,” Georges says. “But it will take great imagination to unlock the full truth of this terroir. This is the quest we are wholly engaged in, and that we want to share with our patrons.”


Daniel Daou

"My heart belongs on DAOU Mountain. This love relationship is one that is never over bearing, never forceful or adulterated and always aims at allowing me to reflect the purest expression of this terroir in the glass."

Some are taught life skills, while others possess gifts that come naturally. Daniel combines the mindset of an engineer—honed through an engineering degree at the University of California San Diego—with the sensitivity of an artist. These providential gifts have enabled him to master both the science and creativity necessary to make transcendent wines. A visionary who discovered DAOU Mountain and embarked on a journey to produce world-class Cabernet Sauvignon, Daniel has elevated Paso Robles to a new level by becoming the region’s ambassador of Bordeaux varieties. His heart, however, lies primarily in the vineyard, where he spends the majority of his time living amongst the vines—attentive to every possibility for cultivating the purest expression of terroir.


The moment that the Daou brothers first set eyes on this staggering mountain in the heart of the Adelaida District, they recognized it as the place they had imagined all along.

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