DAOU's Studio 54 Gala - August 11

DAOU's Studio 54 Gala - August 11
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An Evening Unlike Any Other
Saturday, August 11th, 2018 on DAOU Mountain

Bright, dazzling and decadent – these were the hallmarks of the disco era, and none did it better than Studio 54, the legendary nightclub in the heart of New York City. Now, exactly 40 years later, you are invited for one magical evening to relive the experience at DAOU’s Studio 54 Gala on August 11.

The details remain under wraps for the moment, but you can expect to be extravagantly entertained as we pull out all of the stops to rekindle the glory days of disco.

$495 per individual ticket
$450 per individual ticket when purchasing 10 or more

Please note: ticket prices exclude tax