Living the Legacy

woman tasting red wine

DAOU is, at its core, all about family—and the second generation is now making its mark here on DAOU Mountain.
As the daughter of winemaker Daniel Daou, Lizzy Daou was primed for a winemaking life. "I fell in love with my dad's passionate spirit and knew it was my calling to walk in his footsteps," she says

wine tasting

Lizzy paid her dues by working at the family winery and earning a degree in wine and viticulture at Cal Poly with a concentration in enology. "I am truly humbled to be able to do what I love with the people I love, let alone having the opportunity to make wines that rival the best in the world," she says.

wine barrels

california wine barrels

“My dad is an incredible winemaker. Being able to work with him this harvest, and watching the way he faces decisions and challenges—it has been a truly inspiring experience.”

california vineyard

wine growing in Paso Robles at DAOU Vineyards