Headlamps & Harvest

Anyone who drove along Adelaida Road in the pre-dawn hours during harvest might have seen a whimsical glow coming from DAOU Mountain. But this seemingly otherworldly sight is nothing unusual during the harvest season. In fact, it is business as usual at DAOU as we go the extra mile of harvesting our fruit at night for the sake of absolute quality. 

There is nothing like harvesting at night. When you first arrive, the stars overhead take your breath away. The vineyard is perfectly still, and the air is crisp. But then the tractors start up, the portable spotlights start shining, and the crew turns on their headlamps. The darkness yields to artificial daylight, and the work begins.


These graveyard shifts are a sacrifice for all involved, but they are worth it in the end. When fruit is harvested at night, it is delivered to the winery cool and fresh. The vineyard’s natural microflora are not as active as they are during the day. By keeping the microflora in check, we are able to avoid a host of potential complications during fermentation.

This is why every glass of DAOU Estate wine begins right here, in the light of a headlamp, from a cluster picked by careful and committed hands.