Wine Making

Our winemaking vision is to seek absolute purity in the flavors of our wines, unlocking the limitless potential of our DAOU Mountain terroir.


All fruit from DAOU Mountain is hand picked, then sorted both by human eye and cutting-edge optical technology to ensure absolute fruit purity. Using only 100-percent free run juice, Winemaker Daniel Daou initiates fermentation with native yeasts cultivated from the estate. Each fermentation is customized by measuring phenolic composition and using sensory analysis, enabling Daniel to orchestrate natural balance and texture.

With these and other proprietary techniques, he is able to make ageworthy wines that exhibit depth, structure and first-growth elegance.


All DAOU Estate wines are partially aged in new French oak barrels selected from France’s best cooperages, including Sylvain, Boutes, Taransaud, and Berger et Fils.

Winemaker Daniel Daou also supervises the coopering of his own proprietary barrels made from a fine-grain pink oak known as bois rosé. This rare wood is aged in the elements for up to five years, and is prized for imparting an array of complex yet subtle flavors. The bois rosé barrels are also finished with Daniel’s custom toasting, which reduces char in order to bring nuance and length to the wine’s finish.


Our wines are natural and pure: handpicked, hand-made and always free of artificial additives.

The flavors and aromas you experience originate from the earth and are poured into each bottle with an acute mindfulness for human and environmental well-being. As stewards of this beautiful family-owned estate, we are passionate about sustainable practices. We promise to always present you with authentically pure and conscionable wines.